They are chefs, restaurateurs, pastry chefs

They are committed to improving our world.

We are shining the spotlight on them and their actions.

So you can be inspired to take positive action!

Why Positive Mayo ?

Across the planet, chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers are concerned about our world and how we can make it more united and sustainable.

By launching their own actions or supporting existing initiatives, all these players are TAKING ACTION in a POSITIVE and constructive mindset. All these commitments, large and small, are a source of ideas and energy in a positive spiral…

This site lists their actions and keeps you informed. It aims to be an inspiring crossroads that can help stir things up a little more each day.

The committed chefs

We’re using the word “chef” here, putting famous and not-so-famous chefs, cooks, pastry chefs, hoteliers… all on the same footing.

We enlighten all those whose job it is to feed and welcome others, and who have developed a sensitivity to the quality of ingredients, to their fragile nature, to the need to share food and resources, to environmental protection, to the transmission of values and know-how, and so on.

Find out more about their commitments…

Actions supported

The range of areas in which human involvement is needed to make the world a better place is vast.

Depending on their individual sensitivity, everyone can find something to make them feel useful.

Here you will find a veritable anthology of actions, each one more exciting than the last.